Flat Flat Flat

After a glorious long weekend, the witching hour arrived this morning and it was time to go back to work. Le sad. 

But life isn't without its upsides of course. I didn't have to travel and I managed to squeeze in a quick bike ride before my 8 am call.

Its times like this that I wish that smell-o-vision from the Willy Wonka movie had been invented because I wish I could share the smell of the ocean, fresh flowers, lawns, etc this morning. Like seriously.

I stopped by my bike ride in the middle of the ocean front road to take a picture and couldn't decide which was was more beautiful - north or south. Quite the conundrum. So, I figured I'll take the whole thing and stitch them together. Alas, the Droid wasn't too helpful on this but perhaps you can use your imagination.... :)

What you can't see in the faux panorama picture is all of the beautiful pink beach rose that lines the road. Since it was really windy at certain points this weekend, a few of the roses loss their bright pink petals... but still so pretty. 

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