Delish Cookies

I feel as though there are very few things in life that I do better than most people.... and one of them is making my famous cookies. I guess using the word "famous" isn't totally appropriate as I haven't received any documented awards for them - but whenever I do make them, people go ca-razy for them.
The recipe was created after my 16th birthday party. I was making chocolate chip cookies and threw all of the leftover mixins from my "make your own sundae bar" into the batter. {Sidenote, if you ever throw me a surprise party even though I'm not 16 I would still like a sundae bar.} If you think I'm going to give you the recipe to my cookies, you are wrong. I'm confused by people that give away their recipes for something they make really well. Like I wouldn't expect my aunt to give me her recipe for Apple Pie or the Olive Garden to tell me how to make their breadsticks or Auntie Annies to throw me the recipe for salted pretzel sticks.

But, I will share with you my nearly fool proof method for packaging cookies. Match up two cookies that are close in size and then package the pairs together. This prevents the cookies from bumping around too much and gives them additional stability in the bag/box/container.

Here is hoping that the two lucky souls who get these cookies in the mail not only enjoy them but get them all in one piece.

Note: I really wish I had brought one of these delicious nuggets of joy with me to Pennsylvania. I could really use a cookie - especially with M&Ms and other secret tasty bits.

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