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I've always been intrigued by Spammers. Spam is like a quadraziakillion dollar business (that's my way of saying a lot without looking up the figure) and for some reason idiots keep opening emails about Viagra and sending money to Africa.

Fast Company had an infographic / article on this back in March 2010. They did an analysis of just one Spam operation and found that out of 35 million span emails sent out in one month... 10,500 people clicked/opened the email but only 28 actually turned into sales. That's a conversion rating of 0.000008%.

For a laugh I took a quick peek at what was in my own Spam box for the last few days. Thanks but I'm good on the Viagra, Valium, watches, and Microsoft Excel classes.

Gmail does a pretty great job of stopping the Spam before it gets to my inbox. (Thanks guys.) Anyway, back to my original reason for this post ...

Last night just as I was about to fall asleep I got this odd email that I was convinced was Spam but wasn't totally sure so I opened it.
I was intrigued enough that I googled "" instead of clicking the link and turns out this is a legit Android App. I'm not sure how this person stumbled onto my blog but I'd love to hear how that happened. If I had an Android, I would TOTALLY get this app. Thankfully, I have already checked "write in wet cement" off my list.

Peace out.

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