How many is too many?

I've never really been one for vitamins. I don't really like to subscribe to anything that I need to do daily - except perhaps showering, coffee, and a few other activities. So when someone suggests that I should take a "daily vitamin" I've always run from that.

But for the past year we've had this bottle of Flintstones vitamins in the bathroom cabinet .... and I love them. Wait, let me clarify.... I love the red and purple ones. I will not eat the orange ones. According to the Flintstone website that would mean that I only like Pebbles, Bamm Bamm, Dino, Barney, and Betty. Sidenote: who is the Great Gazoo? I haven't watched cartoons in awhile, but I have zero recollection of this character.

I know they are meant for children as is indicated by the nutritional facts... but I have wondered what would be the recommended daily adult dose. If a 4 year old can have 1 and I am growing 27 year old, then does that mean I can have roughly 6 Flintstone vitamins a day. My curiosity peaked today and I finally googled this perplexity health question, apparently a 23 year old healthy female was also curious and posted this question.

I don't really feel like anyone really helped this woman out but I was a little more curious about who "MichelleT218" was and what other questions she might have posed to the internet. Apparently she likes to draw women's clothes - mainly juniors and plus sizes - and she's learning to sew. She also posts/responded to many questions about: online dating, hair growth, child support payments, and becoming a fashion stylist. True Story.

Thankfully the only thing I have in common with MichelleT218 is our interest in taking children's vitamins.

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