Customer Service Shocker

There are a handful of companies and industries out there that I think people find it very easy to hate. Some quick brainstorming with the household revealed this quick listing: 
  • Verizon Wireless
  • Comcast
  • Car Mechanics
  • DMV
  • the entire Airline industry
People use Twitter to often complain about and to companies. There are entire departments of people responsible for monitoring a company's brand over the interweb (ahem, baby sister's new job). I've successfully used Twitter once or twice to resolve service issues myself.

I though the most of "thank you" I could ever expect from a company would be a re-tweet ... or perhaps a form letter thanking you.... and then asking you to renew your contract with minimal benefit. Perhaps you can imagine my surprise when my mom got this thank you note from Verizon Wireless for purchasing a new work Blackberry....

Now the card did not have a huge long message and yes it did include a business card, but none the less.... it was a thank you card with a compliment. I'm still shocked.

I still am not fond of Verizon Wireless... perhaps in part because I can't believe I have to pay $5 for 250 text messages...

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