I love my....

get ready... you know you want to learn about my new favorite love ...

and ... its .... my ....

new Samsonite suitcase. I guess it technically is not new, since I've had it for 3 weeks - but just roll with me (pun intended).

One might ask any of the following questions:
"Why do you possibly love a new suitcase?"
"Its a suitcase, what's so special about it?"
"You got a black suitcase? How original"
But my friends. This new traveling companion of mine making traipsing around the streets of NYC, the Amtrak stations, and well my house.... a breeze.

So, I figure... I should probably make a top 4 list of the reasons why my suitcase makes my life easier. Now to be fair, I'm sure there are other great suitcases on the market - but I haven't bought a new suitcase since I went to college. So do the math, that was 9 years ago ...

Feature 1. Perhaps the most obvious. 
I love the spinning wheels. No more tired/sore arm from pulling my suitcase.

Feature 2. Extra "grabby spots"
I have not yet been left wondering how to grab my suitcase off a shelf, bed, trunk of a cab ... its incredible.

Feature 3. Spacious compartments. 
This picture probably doesn't do it justice ... but use your imagination.

Feature 4. It came with a dirty laundry bag!
Yes, I know I could (and probably still will) use the laundry bag that the hotel gives you... but sometimes they don't give you one ... and then where would I be?

Plus I got this sucker on Amazon ... and it came in 1 day ... for the lowest price on the market.

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