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I'm a "business" person. I like the internet, spreadsheets, Google ... etc. When I try to be creative, it is usually in something that I can design via Excel. I'm not kidding. I "design" quilts via Excel and count fabric and what not that way. I'm pretty sure that is not what Bill Gates has in mind when he opens Microsoft Excel - but its one of the uses I have.

Regardless. I'm not super creative. I'm not a huge museum person either - you can ask my sister about our trip to Dublin. I almost waited outside the Museum of Natural something or other for her because I just didn't want to look at giant canvases.

BUT. I do appreciate art ...

There is this really neat exhibit called "Scattered Light" by Jim Campbell in the park outside my office building in NYC. I took a pretty poor picture with my Blackberry so here is one that was on the Mad Sqr Park website.
Source: Mad Sqr Art describes the exhibit as "is a 50-foot-long array on an 80-foot wide, 16-foot-high and 16-foot-deep structure supporting over 1,600 lightbulbs fitted with LEDs, which are programmed to display a low-resolution, moving image as individual pixels.

I'm pretty sure that I won't be able to describe how cool this display is - so here is the video that accompanies the Switched article.
It's pretty neat and I really love checking it out each night when I leave the office. If anyone ever visits me in NYC, I'm probably going to make them see this.

So be warned.

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  1. It was The National Gallery of Ireland, dope.


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