Update: Amazon/Heidi Klum v. Lululemon

Ok, I admit my blog title might be a bit misleading. As far as I know, there is no war being waged between these two parties - although Lululemon fans think there should be.

I find it a little surprising that there isn't much more out there beyond blog entries of people commenting on the shockingly similar designs. I would think there would be one article that would have at least contacted both parties and those individuals would have some legally approved comment on the matter. But I did not find anything ...

I did take a look at the Amazon Page for the HKNB line - that would be "Heidi Klum New Balance" - and saw the items designated as "Project Runway" pieces.

$168 - HKNB Project Runway Dress with Inserts
$158 - HKNB Project Runway Zip Hoodie with Inserts
$118 - HKNB Project Runway T-Shaped Top With Inserts
$98 - HKNB Project Runway Pant With Inserts

The designs seem to have changed just a bit from the original (see below pics from Lifetime website) which is not totally surprising given HKNB was going to actually sell the pieces, but what is shocking is the crazy price tag. Sorry HK/New Balance/Amazon but who do you think is buying this stuff? There is no way I'm spending this kind of change on something that I can't attest to the quality of.

 I'd much rather drop some bucks at Lululemon. In fact, I've been pining away for this Savanasa Wrap since it looks so comfortable - and it is ... I lovingly tried it on in the store pre-Labor Day. And, while I'm pretty confident I'm not going to drop $118 bones on this bad boy, I'm much more likely to do that than buy something from the HKNB collection.

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