I'm always intrigued by what people who do graffiti decide to paint.

Now, to be clear I'm not in any way condoning defacing public or private property for that matter...

But I think its pretty neat anyway.

On last Saturday morning, I went with my mom to Fort Revere in Hull. I had no idea this place existed and I'm pretty sure that most of the South Shore also doesn't know it exists. The site is pretty cool and is run by some arm of the Metropolitan Park Department.

Although the park as pretty much completely defaced with graffiti, the view is totally incredible. You can see Boston Harbor Light on Little Brewster Island. Gorgeous. The day was so crisp and clear that the view was great.

Here is some of the graffiti that I thought was kind of different. The place was totally covered, but I wanted to take pictures of pieces that were more "messages" than ::ahem:: slightly graphic drawings...
Dear Sad Boy Don't be Sad
What a woman no one compares to you
Follow Me!
Love Peace & Happiness
Meow :)

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