Delaware, you are small but mighty?

Its been a busy few weeks for me. Perhaps you've noticed by the infrequent blog posts .... or because you've secretly hacked into my webcam and seen the bags under my eyes. I'm really hoping its the first one.

But, last week I noticed that I had hit another milestone and since you read my blog - or at least are entertained by the pictures - you know that I only have one goal in life and that's web traffic. So Folks... I have managed to snag my 43rd state.

In honor of such a momentus occasion and the ONE PERSON that visited me from Rehoboth Beach ... I'm going to give the rest of you a list of 10 interesting facts about Delaware. Your welcome in advance.
  1. Small State - but not the smallest. Rhode Island is smaller.
  2. Lowest State. What does this mean you wonder? Oh, it means that Delaware's average altitude is the lowest in the nation at 60 feet above sea level.
  3. Most amount of Ph.D.s (as a percentage of population). Apparently if you do decide to live in Delaware, and you are smart - or just paid a lot for someone to say you are - you aren't going to be alone. All of your friends will be smart as well.
  4. Only state without a National Park. Sad.
  5. State dessert is peach pie. Which seems a bit confusing since Georgia is all about peaches right? I bet these two get into fights over this...
  6. If the conundrum over the state dessert wasn't enough for you, the state fish is called the "weakfish". I don't know about you, but I'd want something that at least sounded strong.
  7. If you thought I was over the whole "peach thing", you'd be wrong because the state flower.... is.... the peach blossom. Maybe this is how they fell in love with peach pie?
  8. At its widest point, Delaware is 35 miles across. This means that my friend Matt, who recently attempted to run a 100 mile race but had to concede at 75 would have been able to run from one side of the state to the other - and back.
  9. There is a law that says it is illegal for Rated R movies to be shown at Drive-In theaters. Good thing there aren't many drive-in theaters anymore...
  10. Since I love silly laws.... here is another silly one: "Alcohol may not be served in nightclubs if dancing is occurring on the premises at the same time."

In the spirit of accuracy - or at least reporting sources ... here are the websites I got my facts from... so don't be blaming me if they aren't accurate :)
Fact: 1 2 3 4 (link); 5 (link); 6 (link); 7 (link); 8 (link); 9-10 (link)

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