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Perhaps you've heard about FourSquare?... and perhaps you've seen some news articles related promotions that "Venues" are giving to mayors?

If not, read these articles to catch up.
- What is FourSquare?
- UK Dominos profit up 29% from social media efforts
- Ann Taylor Mayors get 25% off in NYC


As a suburban user of FourSquare there aren't nearly as many advantages I think as being an urban user - since a lot of the promotions seem to be obviously for areas where network effects can be greater. One perk? I'm currently the "mayor" of 16 venues. Foursquare has a badge called the "super mayor" that is awarded if you can maintain 10 mayorships at once ... well FourSquare, raise the bar cause I have 16. (Here is a list of active/retired badges, no guarantee its totally accurate)
In the event you are wondering, they are all located in about a 8 mile radius around my house with the exception of the Inishmore Guesthouse which is in Galway, Ireland. Foursquare has a pretty interesting history/statistics page where you can analyze your activity. I'm sure you are interested in what I've been doing the last month, so here is my report.

I'm still going to be a loyal FourSquare user and diligently checkin when I remember - but it would be lovely if any of the following happened:
  1. more of my friends joined
  2. I got free fresh bread from French Memories for being the mayor
  3. I could reserve my favorite locker at the gym (#21) for being the mayor
  4. The people at Starbucks gave me a free Tazo Passion Ice Tea Lemonade (seriously, its phenomenal).

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