Meal Inspiration

Nearly a year ago, I went on a solo dinner in Princeton, NJ on my way back to my apartment from Philadelphia. I stopped at this restaurant called the Bluepoint Grill on a whim and had one of the most simple, yet delicious meals ever. It was awesome.

To this day, I have dreamed of those oysters you are eying. I always wish I had asked for the recipe - and sometimes I think I still should... it was that good.

Well, tonight I took a first pass at them based on this recipe I found online. I modified it a bit of course by probably adding too many ingredients and not enough breadcrumbs - but its clearly a work in progress. Unlike many of the cooking attempts, I didn't take many pictures of this one but here are two (one before the grill, and one after).

I added corn to the recipe - and tomato ... and shallot. I think I can do better than this attempt, although it was delicious ... and definitely didn't spoil my memory of trying to recreate that incredible meal.

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