Groundhog Phil has nothing on me

Tonight I went for a 3 mile run around the neighborhood instead of going to the gym. I feel really lucky each morning that I get to watch the sunrise here - and an evening run is certainly in that realm as well.

I have begun to love running a lot more in the last few months - but I can't say I've quite gotten over the concept of people watching me run. I know silly right? But I'm convinced I make weird faces and would prefer to run with strangers who aren't going to remember my sweaty, exhausted face.

So, while I would never show you a picture of myself running .... I think the picture of my shadows is one of the best things about a late afternoon, early evening run. Its so gorgeous before sunset and I love watching my tall shadow run across the marsh and by the ocean.

running along Glades Road heading South

Running along Baileys Causeway heading East towards the Ocean

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