Goals Update

Awhile back I blogged - like way back - that by the time I went back to work I was hoping to get a visitor to my site from each of the 50 states. Every now and then I check the Google Analytics profile to see how I'm doing. Fun Jen Fact? I love analytics, numbers, and graphs. I'm a huge nerd.

So with less then two weeks left before I start work again, here is how I'm doing ....
With two weeks to go before my initial "goal date", I'd be happy if I hit 40 states I think. I'm not surprised that I haven't gotten a hit from Alaska, Hawaii, or Idaho ... or those other "middle states" ... but VERMONT? Granted I haven't exactly been sending letters to the Chamber of Commerce begging for followers, but I would have figured I would know someone in Vermont that might have checked my blog. Alas, no ... :)

For fun, here is where I stand on the world map for visitors:

Peace out girl scout.

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