Camping (in the backyard)

Life in the suburbs has definitely been about creating adventures and fun in many different ways. A few weeks ago, I was helping my brother seals the seams on his new tent for camping - which was certainly not something I would have done in my "city life".

I ended up using nail polish remover to get rid of the super sticky sealer that was on my hands. Gross.

We extended the outdoor day by having smores around the fire that night - that were phenomenal.
Recipe for awesome = smore - Hershey bar + Reese cup. Fact.

Well, after a delicious smore (modified) and two glasses of wine around a crackling fire pit... I agreed to sleep in the recently sealed tent in the backyard. I can't say it was the best sleep I ever had - in fact I'm pretty sure I slept better on the Inca Trail - but it was yet another great summer memory... complete with headlamps :)

Here are a few more of our pictures from the adventure:

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