Books that I've read so far this summer

One of the things that I lvoe to do when I'm home is get books from the town library. Its crazy easy to reserve them online - and they send me emails when my books arrive and then when it looks like I might be late bringing them back.

insert intense appreciation here for small town embracing technology :)

My process is that I go on Amazon and look at books I'd like to buy... and then I reserve them online. I like to get some feedback from friends and family about what they've been reading as well .... but I appear to have more free time than most so ... I'm doing the most reading I think.


Here are the books that I've read so far this summer. I originally thought about putting a Shelfari bookshelf on my blog site but it seems a little fluky so I'm going to hold off on that for now.

The best part about getting books for free from the library is that if you don't like them - you don't have to finish them (ahem... In a Sunburned County and Commited).

Maybe at the end of the summer I'll total up the amount I've saved by getting books from the library. To be fair, I'll need to factor in that I had to spend $5 on a new library card (I totally lost mine) and the 15 cents that I've accumulated thus far in late fees.

Do you have any good books that you'd like to suggest to me?

Peace out.

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