A woman of many projects

I pride myself on being someone that can keep themselves busy. I rarely need to be entertained. I usually have a book, a Blackberry, a newspaper, something... to keep me occupied .... but at a certain point, I need a project.

The summer before I went to school two years ago was filled with small projects - in that I did "something new" every two weeks. It worked out great. I spent my summer not only collecting some "beach dust" as I like to call it, but also enjoying some new activities I might not have otherwise tried. A few examples: cutting the lawn, auditioning for a movie, going to a demolition derby ... you get the idea.

Another one of the projects I took on that summer was rebuilding the family grill - and after two years, it needed to be done again.
 Not only was the grill u-g-l-y ... but not all of the burners were igniting ... and as a result my precious burgers were not cooking evenly. Le sad. So I did the requisite research and bought the required parts from Amazon and supplies from Home Depot.

The total cost of the parts was about $115 - and then I spent like $10 on paint, brushes, and gloves... so I wouldn't look like a mechanic.

I took out all the old parts - and really scrubbed the interior and sanded down the interior of the lid. This baby sparkled like it was a wedding day. Getting out the old ignition tubes was the hardest because the wing nuts that were holding the side panel in ... were like... o-l-d. I needed some manly elbow grease to get those suckers out (I called my dad).

But in the end... it looks great. It certainly doesn't look like a 15 year old grill.

Here is a slide show of the process:

Peace out

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