Where did all of my pens go?

I've never really been short on pens before... usually the situation is that I can't find a pencil or a highlighter. Pens? Not a problem. You get them for free... everywhere.

Well, the tables have turned and last week I had nearly 0 pens. I say "nearly" because I couldn't find any in my bag, but I find it hard to believe that I had killed all of my pens (or lost them).

My friend Meghan has always been a vocal fan of the Uniball Vision Elite Micro pen. I'll never forget when she announced to the class that they had changed her life. (ok, i think this happened but I can't remember really... it was in the fall). So I tried her pen in class, and was pleased but I never pay for pens, so I wasn't about to start. Recently, I got an email from someone else proclaiming their love for the pens and asking for help finding them on sale online.
uni-ball Vision Elite Stick Micro Point Roller Ball Pen, Blue-Black, (69020)
This particular friend was also really specific about the difference in blue pens, black pens, and blue black pens. I had no idea.

Again, I didn't buy the pens for myself.

So flashforward to this past week, I have ZERO pens. I need pens. desperately.

I gave in.... bought myself some Vision Elite Micro on Amazon .... and got them last Thursday.

I love them. I'm a convert. Meghan was right these pens will change your life. Also, having tried the blue pens and the black pens.... I know see why you'd want blue black pens... they might just be the best combo ever.

So to sum up:
  1. I bought pens for the first time in potentially 5 years
  2. I now know why "blue black" is the best pen color
  3. Its been raining in Boston for 4 days.... and a water resistant pen has become nearly a necessity. As evidence, here is my shopping list that got drenched in the weather yesterday... and was still totally readable.

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