Its embarassing ...

... the amount of shows that I TiVo.

For a long time, I fought adding new shows to my weekly list. I kept it nice and simple. Don't add a new show until its been on tv for a year. I was scared of having my heart broken by canceled shows. The last time I loved a show that was canceled was in 2007 with Studio 60.

There are a few shows this year that I opened my heart to and I have not been let down. To be safe, I don't start watching them until mid-season. I consider that safer. Modern Family and Cougar Town are definitely on my fav list from this year...

In the spirit of full disclosure, here is the entirety of my Season Pass Manager (in no particular order).
  1. The Office
  2. 30 Rock
  3. House
  4. Heroes
  5. Two and a Half Men
  6. The New Adventures of Old Christine
  7. Grey's Anatomy
  8. My Boys
  9. Jon & Kate Plus 8
  10. The Big Bang Theory
  11. Friends
  12. The Rachel Zoe Project
  13. Top Chef
  14. So You Think You Can Dance
  15. Glee
  16. Community
  17. Parks and Recreation
  18. How I Met Your Mother
  19. Modern Family
  20. Kell on Earth
  21. Cougar Town
  22. The Ellen DeGeneres Show
  23. Pretty Wild
In the past when I've volunteered the contents of my TiVo, I've skrimpted on telling the whole truth... but since I'm not giving anything up for Lent this year I figure I might as well tell the truth about something... and I pick TiVo. You can tell its the truth, since I kept in "Jon & Kate plus 8"and "My Boys" which have both been canceled. In my defense, I liked JK8 in the earlier seasons when Kate was just a demanding, controlling housewife and not a publicity hog.

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