Everybody needs goals

I have a significant soft spot for statistics.

Wait, let me be clear. I have a soft spot for reading and reporting statistics - not the statistics that tormented me my sophomore year of college.

So, when you have access to the code of a website you can get install Google Analytics code on the website to see info on the traffic coming to your website. I have become moderately addicted to checking the stats on my website (hopelesslytechie.com).

As I've been blogging more, its been exciting to see visitors pop up in different states and to see the patterns of returning users. (Don't worry, I can't see who specifically returns or when... just the frequency of traffic). The picture below shows the states that visited the site (the darker color signifies increased traffic)

So my goal is to have a visitor from each state by September 1st - with the hopes of having more than that of course. It'd be great to have some international traffic too ... but perhaps my interest in videotaping broken elevators, dogs, and talking about my afternoon snack only interests Americans. There's also the potential that not even Americans find me entertaining ... and all of this traffic is a fluke :)

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