50% off sushi.... yes please

Went to sushi tonight with my friends Dave and Lara.

There is a place literally less than a quarter mile from my apartment that has 50% off sushi and $2 sapporos. You may or may not know how much I love a good deal, Fuyami for sushi is a good deal.

The trick is that that the whole menu is not 50% off. For those that are contemplating a trip, I scanned in the rolls that are 50% off so you won't be surprised.

Fuyami 50% Off Menu

I had actually done takeout from this place last Friday with my friend Meghan and was pretty satisfied. We got 20% off for some reason. I'm actually a bit unclear why in fact. But when you reap the benefits of $2 Sapporo and 50% off your fav Tuna roll .... it's pretty awesome.

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